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Shanghai leute kennenlernen

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Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne! Flughafentransfer Bitte kontaktiere uns - wir beraten dich gerne! Tag: Shanghai Ni Hao! Welcome to China. Blending 21st-century architecture with old-world character, Shanghai pulses with the beat of new China.

shanghai leute kennenlernen

Your adventure begins with a meeting at 6 pm this evening. Please look for a note in the hotel lobby or ask reception where it will take place.

shanghai leute kennenlernen

Settle into your hotel then get a feel for this vibrant city and its bright lights, fevered trade shanghai leute kennenlernen frenetic pace. Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel 2. Tag: Shanghai - Xitang Join your leader today for a walking tour that'll take you back in time.

At the Bund you can get a taste of s Shanghai; its spectacular array of Art Deco buildings line what was once the most important financial street in Asia. Explore the European-influenced French Concession and the tree-lined avenues and Tudor mansions of Luwan's Huaihai Road.

In the afternoon, leave Shanghai in the rearview mirror and make the two-hour journey to Xitang, a nearby water town.

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Once a hub for 19th-century trade, Xitang turns on the charm in the evening when all the day trippers go home. Take a stroll along lantern-lit canals and ask your leader for advice on which hole-in-the-wall eatery to pick from, enjoying some classic Chinese cuisine while watching the lights reflected on the waters' surface.

shanghai leute kennenlernen

Enthaltene Aktivitäten: Unterkunft: Mittelklasse-Hotel 3. Tag: Xitang - Nachtzug nach Xi'an Rise and shine to explore the streets of Xitang. Wander across charming bridges and relax by the canals, sip steaming cups of tea, learn about local history at one of the many museums or simply get lost among the maze of peaceful cobblestone streets — a welcome break from the bustle of modern Shanghai.

shanghai leute kennenlernen

Return to Shanghai and board an overnight hard sleeper train bound for Xi'an. The journey will take around 15 hours in total, though you'll hopefully be sleeping for most of it. Train travel in China may not be entirely luxurious but it's certainly one of the best ways to come face to face with realities of traversing the country, as it's the main form of transport for local people.

Shanghai leute kennenlernen

Special Information: Train compartments are open-plan and clean with padded three-tiered berths 6 to a compartment. We will group our travellers together whenever possible, but this will depend on group size and ticket availability.

Dagegen werden in ländlichen und abgelegenen Gebieten von waiguoren, Ausländern, und Langnasen wie sie unter Chinesen genannt werden, immer noch — in der Regel sehr offen — Fotos geschossen. Lassen Sie sich darauf ein und lächeln Sie nett in die Kamera! Es ist gleichsam eine Freude für die Chinesen und für die Reisenden! Ebenso die Frage nach Selfies wird immer wieder gestellt werden.

Sheets, pillows and a blanket are provided, though some travellers prefer to bring their own sleeping sheet. Safe, hot drinking water is always available.

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  7. Kommende Veranstaltung Und wenn ich meinen Schlüssel zum Wohnheim im Zimmer vergessen habe, bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig als wild auf die oberen Stockwerke des Hauses zu zeigen und einen verzweifelten Gesichtsausdruck aufzulegen.

It is a good idea to bring a mug, spoon, knife and fork if you will be preparing your own hot drinks or food on the train as these are not provided in cabins.

Basic bathroom facilities with toilets and washbasins are situated at the end of each carriage. As toilet paper isn't always available, it's best to bring an emergency supply.

Keep in mind general train cleanliness may not be to the same standards you are accustomed to. Food is available on the train, but it's a good idea to stock up on snacks for the trip.

shanghai leute kennenlernen

An optional upgrade from a hard sleeper to a soft sleeper berth 4 travellers per compartment with a lockable may be available for some overnight train shanghai leute kennenlernen on this trip. Please contact us for booking.

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